The Saddest Day

The day our heads nearly exploded.
Kevin’s confidence.
Vid1900’s punch line.

Skeptics were beaten into submission.  62 Thumbs Up.
Man, that stung HARD that day.

Kevin was actually served before this point in time!

The Saddest Day

8 thoughts on “The Saddest Day

  1. “We draw up the simple yes/no question about a run of Predator pinball machines, asking for a confirmation of official licensed merchandise status, and attached a picture of the game. Sent.”

    shame that you didn’t instead just ask if there was a possibility to purchase a license.


    1. …and if they came back with “no” to that question?? Would that answer prove that Skit-B Pinball had one? Absolutely not. The point was to verify Kevin Kulek’s 2 years of claims.


      1. guys, your follow-up ‘open letter to Kevin’ is just shitty. ok we get it already, he screwed up. Pinside is busy with a 6000-post epic which is mostly just people bickering lately about intent to defraud vs kids trying to be sneaky. all the buyers are still waiting for a refund and the audience appears to be evenly split as to whether these will ever appear. but there’s no need to kick a man when he’s down.

        i still think you guys were dicks for running to teacher after getting your own refunds. when i was at school, the sneak got beaten up by the class, while the teacher punished the naughty kid.


      2. We didn’t assume that there would be this much undertone of sympathy for the one at fault. A very strange turn only 48 hours after the truth was confirmed for all. Now there must be levels of sensitivity to not “kick” Kevin Kulek? We cannot believe it. Didn’t think what was written was THAT strong, frankly. But one thing you need to get straight: those of us who got refunds, got them MONTHS before “License Gate” reached its peak, thus MONTHS before any inquiries were made to Fox. In fact, one of us is still in (paid in full) and has been seeking a refund since November. Nobody “ran to teacher”… this was not a situation of “tattling”… it was a situation of investigating a claim. Unfortunately, if the answer was no, that also meant that Fox was going to be tipped off to the product’s existence. But that was the risk it takes to find out the truth. If they got tipped off, it didn’t matter anyway, because the answer was no – which meant Kevin was lying and there would be a mass exit from the scandal anyway. People can form their own opinions, and we’ve seen them all. Many are outright stunning, logically. Didn’t think “hurt” would come from defending our facts against Kevin (who is likely going to whitewash everything with his version of events) so we were just telling him (and y’all) in advance not to further the lies. “Poor Kevin” is no longer part of our vocabulary. Obviously (to our surprise) opinions actually vary on that. Wowzers. We’re removing the letter to Kevin, as it seems to create too much pain (oddly) for some. If we’re clouding our own issue, then why bother.


    1. OK – be a douche. Your call. Never once did we claim to be heroes or stoked some kind of party of victory. This whole thing sucks balls. If our motives are questioned, you’re darned right we’re going to correct that claim. We already addressed this in the original post. If it makes you feel better that we’re little evil “tattling” rogues out to kill a Predator game and hurt everybody, in your view, then go for it. But you would be wrong in that assessment. Why wouldn’t we have just wreaked havoc on day one? Why did we instead choose a vetted & researched rollout via Pinball News on day one? Where Martin brought Kevin into the fold, and 3 months were spent giving Kevin multiple chances to come clean and/or save the ship? Thought this was clear in both publications. Anyway, draw your own conclusions. It’s not possible for everybody to be on the same page in ANY community.


      1. thanks for noticing – i was born a douche and will die a douche. no doubt your motives were honourable, and i cannot comment on why anybody does anything, but i tend to want to believe the best in people as i’m a glass-half-full kinda person.

        anyway, much as i am enjoying this chat, i must go and make some tea and popcorn. another 60 posts have appeared in that thread since my last cuppa.


      2. Yeah, your direct message ended up being the last nail in the coffin for the Letter… on top of what was being expressed on PinSide. So we heard you. We get the point now. We’re navigating this storm like everybody else. Good luck.


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