“The Real Story” – An Open Letter to Kevin

Snip Snipped

Due to apparent feedback voicing that the “Letter to Kevin” was (for some) too strong an angle, we have decided to take it down.  If you are arriving late, and must see what it said, a copy-paste remains in the PinSide thread for prosterity.

It is amazing what 48 hours of back-and-forth discussion on a blog can bring.  From pitchforks and upset, to now an almost calm stasis of zen… where Kevin is a delicate flower that cannot be disturbed, or he may screw up refunds.  If that is what is believed, then OK, we sure the hell don’t want to appear to disturb that zen.

We’ve seen everything from suppliers, vendors, and moderators being blamed (or partially responsible) in some form or another, right down to us too.  In a community of so many different personalities and mindsets, guess there would be no surprise that opinions were going to vary.

So the “Letter to Kevin” post is gone, as we DO want to stay on point.  If this was too much of a tangent for some, and confused our “message” – then begone with it.   Fine with us.  Kevin can speak for himself on Pinball News, and we will no longer comment.  Regardless of what he says.  Like somebody said, y’all don’t need us holding your hand from this point.  You can make up your own minds on his storytelling.  OK.  We hear you.  We agree.   Sorry for stepping over a line.

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