Over and Out

Everybody knows what they need to know.  They got what they came here for.  Site views here are down to less than 30 views a day, the last 7 days.   Just so everybody knows.  It is what it is.  There’s obviously not really anything more to be said.

For those looking for “more”, it’s up to Kevin to provide that information.  Frankly, it was always up to Kevin:   From the moment he knew of any fragment of trouble in his path, he should have informed his investors.  It was never the responsibility of third parties, such as us or Pinball News.  However, in the absence of trying to get Kevin to fix things, and/or come clean to the public – we did our duty to inform in the end anyway, since he failed to.

This does not mean ongoing sleuthing (at least on our part. PBN may vary) as we were merely a source for the story.   Not the only source, but the primary one.  If one were to use an analogy, Martin Ayub would be the position of Glenn Greenwald, and we would be the Edward Snowdens.   Except Martin is providing the information gathered (from us, other industry pros, key sources for validation, and Kevin Kulek himself) without revealing the sources.  That is the key pact between a journalist and his sources.   We’re not looking for fame, nor the obvious backlash from some.   Truthfully, Fox carried the torch against Kevin – not us – and we were simply kept in the loop for a long while.  Remember, March 10 was the last contact from Fox, and it’s been that way ever since.

In closing, to answer a few people still seemingly bent on revealing and roasting our asses:

I still haven’t seen any hard evidence proving anything the anonymous group has said.

You don’t have to.  Martin took care of all of that for you.  He has all his vetting done, and if he’s published it, it’s a done deal.  Precisely why we stuck to the path of Pinball News.  Any other unvetted avenue for messaging, and the entire thing would have remained up for speculation and enough time had been wasted already.  Pinball News was like using the “New York Times of the hobby”.  Revealing Kevin’s truth on PinSide or a solo blog site would have been like using YouTube Comments.

Why stay anonymous at this point? My own feeling is they don’t give two shits about the community.

Pretty much because of that second sentence.  Plus dozens of others who are dying to go down an entirely irrelevant side road and debate us and our character.  As stated in the very first article – who we are is irrelevant.  The information we found was all that needs to be discussed and acted upon.  We refuse to become part of a sideshow discussion – and after seeing the things said after publication, we are steadfastly glad we made that decision in the very beginning.  We were going to eventually reveal ourselves in time…  but that idea has since been squashed.  Squashed hard.

I need to know the people we are talking about here and their character.

No you don’t.  You simply don’t.  Our published information rests on its facts, and it’s facts alone.  It’s been vetted, it’s been published.  Take it or leave it.  We can’t do much more than that.  We’re not looking for psychiatry or analysis on us as people.  Complete tangent totally off the tracks of what matters in this issue.

For all we know its a group of cons.

If you think the accusations of cons can get past Martin at PBN, and cons (who are making shit up) can somehow make Kevin Kulek (in his own statements) admit the shutdown and refund of his entire project, then we need to know precisely what we have told everybody that doesn’t add up to the obvious Predator project behaviors of the last 6 months, and the eventual recent conclusion.   To do all this, all to be a bunch of bullshit?  Again, the tangents are becoming sideshows just to fill blog postings and keep threads going.

[If we are going to sue] we need some hard evidence, and it would help to get that from the people that brought this to light.

If things get to the point between lawyer(s) and plaintiff(s) going after Kevin, then it’s not up to us to do the legwork for the attorney(s).  We provided the name of the senior counsel at Fox.  Have your lawyer(s) call him for evidence.  Just remember the limits of our role.  Far smaller than folks are suggesting.  PBN did 10X the work and research we did.  We were merely the seed.  We provided a few key pieces of the puzzle, provided first-hand solid evidence (which PBN will keep on hand).  PBN gave the issue fairness and balance with countless olive branches to Kevin Kulek to fix things, respond, answer questions, and/or come clean.  Way more than we would have.   It burned up a few months, but there was that glimmer of possible hope that sustained Martin’s desire to see the project succeed.   Some are upset with the delay, most understand the reasons why time had to be given.

This will be the last posting from us on this matter.  There’s really nothing more that we can provide anyway.  Some will always be baffled and bothered by the whole “Anonymous Group” thing…  we recommend just letting it go.

Because as of this last post, we certainly are.

Best of luck to all involved.  One of us is still embroiled in this thing, and has taken the path of (what appears so far to be) the successful credit card chargeback route.  Will know the true finality in a month or so.

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